Poker Face Golf Balls for All Golfers

Poker Face golf ball for all golfers.

Affordable golf ball designed to boost your distance & your play style!

Color Distance

Four Distinctly Bright Color Balls

Poker Face Color Distance ball is the brightest color ball on the market -- no crystal/neon-infused ball comes close to the vivid aura of Poker Face ball.

Experience the explosive distance and silky soft performance today. #PlayWithPokerFace

Royal Flush

For the Traditional Player

Why use costly golf balls when you can use affordable balls designed just for you?
Poker Face Royal Flush ball is the most technologically advanced ball guaranteed to perform for all golfers.
With unique surlyn-blend coating and the advanced ND Reactor Core, Poker Face Royal Flush is the affordable ball engineered to suit your play style.

See the extreme distance and experience the softest feeling with great performance on the green for yourself. #PlayWithPokerFace