The Tee Line on the market today is composed of only the top turf (usually made of PE) without the bottom cushion. These tee lines with PE turf tends to get damaged in one section often, so the entire line must be changed or it would appear cheap and poorly maintained.

More importantly, because there is no cushion foam on the bottom to protect golfers from injury, it leaves open the possibility for golfers to get injured while practicing.

We strongly recommend the whole mat version of the tee line, the Top Range Luxury Country Club Tee Up Mat.

But if you are looking for the best quality tee line for your driving range, consider Top Range Counry Club Tee Line -- the only tee line with NBR cushion foam function. Enhance your country club with Top Range Country Club Tee Line and become the ultimate driving range.

The Highest Quality Tee Line Ever

Featuring Nylon 6-6 turf with NBR cushion foam pad

  • The ONLY country club tee line with NBR cushion foam function 
  • Nylon 6-6 premium extra turf (extra long turf)
  • No bounce or resistance of normal mats
  • Densely tufted thick and dense turf provides the true grass experience
  • Premium NBR cushion foam boasts extremely durable shock                      absorption, providing comfort through every swing
  • Rich green turf color for luxury country club feel
  • Turf does not melt off/sticks on golf clubs
  • Realistic fairway feeling with rich texture and thick turf
  • Accepts all standard wooden tees
  • Customization available -- tell us what you have in mind for your range
We can install for you!
Ask us about complete details of tee line project.