The 1 Piece Premium Top Range Ball is the softest and the most durable ball of all the range balls.

Perfect for driving ranges with shorter landing areas (~250 yards).

With much lower trajectory and distance potential (85% limited compared to Premium Top Range Ball), these balls are limited from going over the fence/net. Still the same highest durability, smooth stroke feeling, and the sleek design. Ideal for driving ranges and private courses/country clubs with short landing areas.

True-Feel Controlled Flight

1 Piece Construction Range Ball / White, Yellow

  • Best grade 1 piece range ball on the market
  • Superior feel, distance, and trajectory compared to brand name balls
  • Consistent distance distance and trajectory, with extreme longevity
  • Optimized inner core compound for smooth feeling
  • Unique Surlyn-blend coating gives incredible durability and fresh feel
  • NIR drying system further improves durability & consistent ball surface
  • Extremely durable (400+ ID)
  • Softest feel with 85 PGA Compression
  • 350 aerodynamically optimized dimples
  • Stylish black TOP RANGE font with single stripe


The official range ball of American Golf Corporation golf courses, which switched from brand name range balls to Top Range.

EXCLUSIVE range ball used by City of Los Angeles Golf Courses, City of San Diego & San Diego County Golf Courses.